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You're a knight. You have only one weapon : a hammer.
Your lovely princess has been kidnapped by an evil witch, and locked in her castle.
Every castle is made by several rooms, the higher the level is, the more rooms you'll have to pass through.
In each room, there are four doors. Some are open, some are closed. You can open them by taking keys, most of time located in the room.
In order to save the princess, you'll have to get three gold items (see the items section). Otherwise, you'll lost the game.
The pathway is made with two kind of floors :
the green blocks, which are unbreakable.
the bricks, which can be destroyed when hitting them. Bricks must touch another brick or bloc : if not, they will disapear. Be careful !
When hitting a block, all the destroyed bricks will be repaired.

Items are sometimes hidden. There are four ways to reveal them :
  • collecting some other item
  • breaking and repairing one brick
  • breaking many bricks in one time
  • hitting many times on a specific block

  • There are three kind of foes :
    The pink trolls. They always appear near a door. They are slow, stupid, and walk randomly (or quite). If they touch you, you'll die.
    The blue trolls. Same as pink, but a little smarter. They want to touch you.
    The dragons. They don't walk, but throw flame when they see you : it happens when you are on the same row or column. Only the flames can kill you : you can walk through dragons safely.
    Killing an enemy will give birth to a troll somewhere else. There can be 5 trolls in a room simultaneously.
    Warning : after 20 enemies killed in a room, next one could walk as fast as you. Leaving the room will reset the count.

    Now, you got all you need to complete your mission. May the force be with you ! Uh wait, it's another game...

    Sonarca 2013