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TREASUREGive you 400 pts. There are some specials, I call them "supertreasure". They give you 80,000 pts !
PEARLThey have no special effect. Give you 20,000 pts.
KEYMost of the time, they open doors in the room you got them. In levels Average and Expert, some will open doors far away. Give you 200 pts.
HEARTFreeze the trolls for about 20sec. Give 1,600 pts.
HARPFreeze the dragons for about 20 sec. Give 4,200 pts.
BLUE POTIONMake you invincible for about 20s. Give you 800 pts.
RED POTIONThey are 1-UP. Give 200 pts.
GOLD RINGOne of the three important items. Gives 1,600 pts.
GOLD CROSSThe second important item. Gives 1,900 pts.
GOLD POTIONThe third important item. Gives 3,200 pts.
HIDDEN ITEMThese are invisible, but I marked them with a cross. Don't give you any point. They often reveal other items.
THE PRINCESSThe goal you have to reach. Easy to find, hard to save.
IMORINAn ester egg. It's a sprite from the game Teddy Boy. Gives you 990,000 pts !
DHARMANAn easter egg, like Imorin. You can't collect it : it will appear by collecting hidden items, but has no effect.

Sonarca 2013